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Interview with Thomas Richards
Thomas Richards:@Tj_r
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You seem very young how old are you? 

I'm 16 

We loved your ikea fashion and math hw pants did you make it? 

Yes, I made them! All by hand and my sewing machine.


Are you interested in fashion design?

I like to design and working on a brand. I want to be more involved in business and I am everyday, currently working at staple pigeon in the office.  I am working on learning how a company markets things and involved in a sneaker reselling business on my own as well as the the stock market. 


We see you as a new rising social influencer are you willing to be a part of it? 

I want to be apart of social media and a rising influence but sometimes it becomes very distracting and try and stay organized and more focused on my work then whats going on and who posts what. 


We see that you were features in vfiles how did this happen ? 

I have been going to vfiles for about two years and they hit me up the day before the shoot and asked if I would like to model. (I was surprised) during the shoot I filmed throughout and created a video out of it and they later posted it on their Instagram.  

What do you see yourself doing in couple of years? 

I see myself involved in my own brand or company because i am involved in the business side of fashion, entrepreneurship and merchandising as well as attending F.I.T college for business merchandising. I see myself also being more professional film maker and photographer for artists and YouTube as well as commercials. 


Thank you TJ! 

Source Youtube by @Tj_r


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